Concrete Lifting

Residential Concrete Lifting

We lift and level your home's concrete, fixing walkways, driveways, and floors. Our quick, effective service restores safety and appearance without a big hassle or cost.

Residential soil stabilization and foundation repair

Residential Soil Stabilization and Foundation Repair

Our polymer injection can stabilize soil and level your home's foundation, ensuring stability and safety for your property.

Commercia Soil Improvement

Commercial Soil Improvement

Using our Deep Soil Injection process, we can effectively stabilize your building's foundation and other commercial and industrial structures with minimal impact to your daily operations.

Stabilizaton and Lifting

Stabilization and Lifting

We specialize in leveling uneven concrete. Our polymer injections can provide a long lasting solution to anything from trip hazards and rocking slabs to significant settlement of concrete floors.

Underground Infrastructure

Underground Infrastructure

Our solutions can be utilized to address many issues facing underground infrastructure assets. We can remediate inflow & infiltration, and stabilize the soil around your underground sewers and utilities.

Roads and Bridges

Roads and Bridges

Our Deep Soil Injections process can be effectively utilized to lift and stabilize roads, bridge approach and departure slabs, and strengthen weak underlying soils beneath transportation infrastructure.