Roads and Bridges: Stability and Safety Solutions

Roads and bridges are essential for daily travel and transport. However, they often face a common problem: supporting soil instability. These soil conditions can often be caused by inadequate compaction during construction, drainage issues, or changes of the moisture content of the subgrade. Heavy traffic loads can also lead to consolidation of the underlying soil, causing settlement to occur. Remediation of roadway settlement is critical to prevent safety hazards, structural damage, and disruptions to transportation networks.

Why Do Roads and Bridges Settle?

Sometimes, the soil under our roadways can become unstable due to poor compaction, less than ideal soil composition, or erosion from poor drainage has issues with drainage.

The water content in the ground can change, causing the soil to expand or contract. This can affect the stability of soil, as well as the condition of roads and bridge approach and departure slabs.

The vibration and load of cars, trucks, and buses constantly moving over these surfaces can cause consolidation supporting soil, often causing settlement of the structures above.

Fixing the Problem: Stratalock’s Approach

Stratalock offers fast, highly effective, and non-invasive methods to remediate settlement and subgrade issues for Roadways and Bridges. Polymer Injection and Deep Soil Polymer Injection are solutions that can be utilized to remediate settlement of transportation infrastructure. These processes involve injecting high density, expanding structural polymer below the road surface and into the underlying supporting soils to lift and level the pavement system and stabilize the subgrade.

Our Services Include:

Roadway Stabilization and Lifting

We make sure roads are stable and level, preventing dips and bumps that can be hazardous for drivers.

Bridge Approach & Departure Slab Lifting

Bridges approach and departure slabs are often prone to settling. We focus on these to ensure a smooth transition.

Soil Improvement

We improve the ground around and under roads to ensure it stays firm and stable.

Rail Stabilization

Trains need stable ground too. We help make sure railway lines are safe and reliable.

Airport Runway and Taxiway Stabilization & Lifting

Airplanes require smooth runways and taxiways. We ensure these surfaces are even and stable for safe landings and takeoffs.


Ports are bustling with heavy loads. We make sure their foundations are strong enough to handle this activity.

Why Stratalock?

Choosing Stratalock means choosing safety and efficiency. Our methods are quick and don’t require tearing up the road or bridge. This means less disruption to traffic and everyday life. Our solutions are also long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to worry about the same problems again soon.

Stratalock is committed to providing safe, stable, and smooth transportation infrastructure. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and methods to ensure the best results. We understand the importance of reliable roads and bridges for your daily life and the economy.

If you’re facing issues with uneven roads, unstable bridges, or other transportation infrastructure challenges, Stratalock is here to help. We offer practical, effective solutions to keep your roads and bridges safe and functioning well.

Contact us today to learn more about our Transportation Infrastructure Solutions. Let’s work together to build a safer, more reliable world.

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